EDMonline: Your Secure Document Management Solution

Improved productivity, security and compliance

EDMonline™, our secure document management solution – improving safe access for organisations of all sizes for over 20 years

EDMonline™ supports multiple sectors

From local government departments to the healthcare and financial services sectors, EDMonline™ can transform document management for your business too. We understand the regulatory landscape of multiple sectors, helping you achieve a digital transformation that not only drives your organisation forward, but maintains patient safety too.

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Secure Document Management Benefits

Improve Document Search and Retrieval

integrate EDMonline™ with other systems for reduced friction

Structured Filing

link EDMonline™ to existing in-house structures and other Restore Digital services, including BAU scanning, helping you move to paperless efficiently

Automatic Routing

set up workflows within the EDMS to improve productivity and for better control and visibility over each document

Flexible, Scalable and Seamless Integration

Our secure document management system is fully flexible and scalable to varying document storage requirements. As your business grows, EDMonline™ will grow with you. There’s no need to purchase additional software, so you can begin using the system quickly, with minimal involvement from your IT team. EDMonline™ can be easily integrated with your existing CRM, finance software and patient record systems. Harness the power of multiple technologies for maximum efficiency, and benefit from robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning.

Out-of-box, Seamless Integration

For a reliable, robust, fully supportable document management system

Stay Compliant

EDMonline™ adheres to regulations across multiple industries

Improve Document Security

Compliant with ISO27001, ISO9001 and DCB 0129, to name a few

Our certifications

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Secure Document Management FAQs

A secure document management system is typically an electronic system that allows documents to be digitised and stored, managed and shared in a safe, compliant way. With digital access to documents, it’s quicker to find individual files, saving your business time on searching for specific documents, as well as the associated costs and resource.

There are so many benefits of using a secure document management system like EDMonline™, with these including improved efficiency, productivity, security and compliance. This EDMS can also be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, so you can start experiencing its benefits as soon as possible.

Secure document management is absolutely crucial in the healthcare sector, and clinical safety is at the forefront of our system. Improve the quality and efficiency of the care you offer with EDMonline™, by being able to provide timely, accurate and complete information.

EDMonline™ is DCB 0129 compliant, so you can be sure medical records are in safe hands with this electronic document management system. Reduce errors, inconsistencies and duplication, and better facilitate the coordination and continuity of care.

As your secure document management partner, we can identify, assess and mitigate any clinical safety risks associated with your EDMS. You can be sure your digital documents are in safe hands with Restore Digital.

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