Data Discovery and Risk Management

Solve issues and automate compliance

Improve your organisation’s data risk management with Restore Digital’s Data Discovery Engine. Achieve smarter data protection and GDPR compliance, and make smarter decisions

Our data discovery services

Understanding your data is important. It’s better to understand your data and manage vulnerabilities than be exposed to large fines. Ultimately, understanding your data can help you make smarter business decisions

Data Discovery Engine

Monitor and audit data and activity across all databases, files, cloud systems and mainframes, presenting you with the results through easy-to-use dashboards.

Data discovery and classification

Taking data from various sources, we consolidate and evaluate it, allowing you to navigate through your data with just a few clicks. Spot trends and contributing factors, integrate with PowerBI for easy-to-understand visualisations.

Data risk assessments

Provides configurable and periodic reporting on data risk assessment and mitigation. Available as a dynamic Power BI dashboard or a PDF, the reports can be customised for distribution to different roles across your organisation and supports GDPR rules.

Automate ongoing compliance

Restore Digital’s Data Discovery Engine provides configurable and periodic reporting on data risk assessment and mitigation. Our Engine is built to understand data protection and GDPR rules, meaning you can use it as part of your organisation’s GDPR risk assessment. It can also be used alongside AI and machine learning to understand expressions, keywords and queries. Empowering you as the data owner is key to mitigating risk. Our Data Discovery Engine can support automated workflows within your internal systems or via Restore’s EDRMs. This allows you to solve issues and set rules to automate ongoing compliance.

Data activity monitoring

Identify and report on fraudulent, illegal or other undesirable behaviour within data sets, with minimal impact on users or productivity.

Facilitated Data Protection

Visibility, volume and context of data. Classification based on type and security risk. Predefined policies and closed loop integrations for tracking.

Improve Audit Processes

From reducing costs, customised and simplified plans to making more efficient use of internal resources.

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Data Discovery and Risk Management FAQs

The importance of data risk management shouldn’t be underestimated. Data mismanagement can be incredibly costly, both financially and reputationally, in some cases irreparably. It can be tricky to know where to start with a data risk assessment, which is why we recommend outsourcing to trusted experts like the Restore Digital team, who help organisations with their data risk management every day. 

A data risk assessment can help your organisation identify potential compliance risks, improve your approach to document management and increase your department’s overall security. A data risk assessment will give you full visibility of potential risks, so you can take steps to mitigate them. Without this knowledge, you could be leaving your business open to vulnerability.

Restore Digital’s ISO 27001 and BS 10008 certified management systems ensure that all data protection and information security measures and controls are in place to protect personal sensitive data. . Restore Digital ensures that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all personal sensitive data is protected though out each stage of the digital transformation process. Security controls which include data encryption in transit and data encryption at rest, secure segregation of data, strict data processing procedures all of which is managed and controlled by highly IT security personnel though out each stage process provides assurances that your sensitive data is in safe hands at Restore Digital.

Yes, Restore digital is able to provide you with data processing and information security risk assessments and support and guide you in producing GDPR compliant Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA’s) to meet your GDPR Data Controller legal obligations. Restore Digital supports and works with all Clients on GDPR and Information and Cyber Security requirements and challenges which involves end to end process GDPR and information security risk assessment. Through effective collaboration and by adopting a partnership approach is able to provide best practice guidance to clients to achieve compliance with GDPR and minimisation of data protection and information security risks, through implementation of robust controls.

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