Your Easy-to-Onboard Digital Mailroom

Straightforward, full service digital mailing solutions for better business

Digitising your inbound mail process with a fully managed service

Use our tried and tested expertise and flexible services to enhance operational efficiencies and shared access to important business information, in turn enabling a host of powerful benefits for your business

Benefits of SimplyMail Digital Mailrooms

Deliver mail to recipients faster and more effectively

Provide access for your teams to your inbound mail, digitally, from anywhere

Improve data security and compliance

Increase customer service capabilities

Reduce manual data entry & manual sorting of key information

Improve productivity and employee morale

The right digital mail solution for you

We understand that every business is unique, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to mail management? Adapted to suit your evolving business requirements, we offer 3 different SimplyMail packages, providing you with the right level from your mailbox service.


This first level of service provides a scanning and forwarding service for one digital mailbox.


  • 50 digital mail items per day included
  • Colour scanning
  • Same day SLA
  • Access to Mail Portal
  • 90 day retention
  • 1 portal user included
  • Returns request
  • Weekly cherished item forwarding service

SimplyMail Plus+

The second level of service provides additional cheque banking, search functions, service summary, and additional users.


  • Everything in SimplyMail and …
  • 5 portal users included
  • Index fields
  • Portal storage with search
  • Daily post summary
  • Recorded mail tracking
  • Cherished item returns with covering letter (Add on option)
  • Cheque banking (Add on option)

SimplyMail Enterprise

This highest level of service provides a bespoke service for enterprise users, providing further data capture and sharing functionality.


  • Everything in SimplyMail and SimplyMail Plus+
  • Mailroom consultancy
  • Dedicated electronic document management site
  • Data capture service
  • Automated data capture (Add on option)
  • Data feed integration (Add on option)
  • Goneaways service (Add on option)

Future Proofing your Organisation for Data Compliance and Data Security

No matter the size of your document scanning project, we’re big on security and compliance. Working with Restore Digital means your documents and data are in the hands of the safest document scanning provider in the UK

Full Service Solutions to Transform Your Business

Transform access to key business information, access information faster, more accurately and securely with SimplyMail.

Digital mail allows an organisation to receive their inbound mail digitally, rather than physically. With SimplyMail, post is scanned and digitally sorted, before being organised into a digital workflow.

Enabling Better Access to Key Data for Optimum Business Efficiency, Sharing & Security

Your physical mail is opened, sorted and scanned, with key data and information automatically captured and inputted into your system. Digital versions of your mail are then uploaded to your workflow software or delivered through a secure online portal to the right person at the right time.

No matter whether your team are in the office, working remotely or in different locations, they can access the mail and focus on the work that actually matters.

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Digital Mail FAQs

Digital mail allows an organisation to receive their inbound mail digitally, rather than physically. With SimplyMail, post is scanned and digitally sorted, before being organised into a digital workflow.

Switching to a digital mailing system is very straightforward. You simply have your mail redirected to us and advise your contacts to send your mail to a dedicated PO Box mailbox that we set up for you.

When the post arrives with us, we’ll prepare it for scanning, and scan it as high-resolution, digital PDF documents. So instead of receiving the physical post, you’ll get access to digital copies of it that we make available to you on our portal.

You can have multiple users and different mailboxes for different purposes if you wish, so your teams can process their work as efficiently as possible.

We’ll handle the return or forwarding of original documents that your customers or suppliers may send to you such as Proof of Identification (e.g. Passports, Driving Licence, Utility Bills etc), and we can even perform banking of financial items into your accounts, if you regularly receive cheques or cash by post.

The best way to prepare for moving to digital mail is to plan for how mail will be redirected to us. You may need to communicate the new PO Box address with your customers and suppliers, so having a plan ready for doing this can be helpful.

Ensuring that the relevant people or teams within your organisation have access to the SimplyMail portal can also ensure a smooth switch over when your post starts to arrive with us.

When your mail is scanned, it will be loaded into queues for the mailboxes that you have, so your teams will need to review the new items each day and ensure they are redirected or dealt with appropriately. Our portal provides a number of tools that help with managing this.

Restore Digital is the UK’s leading digital transformation partner, so you can be sure your mail is in safe hands when you choose SimplyMail. We pride ourselves on our GDPR compliance, keeping your files safe and secure. Our digital mail services are designed to save you time manually sorting mail, cutting down on your admin time so you can focus more on revenue-building tasks.

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