Automated Forms Processing

Saving you time, money and resource

Capture and transform hard copy information into electronic data ready for analysis

Transform from Manual to Automation

Our engine can capture both typed and handwritten data in multiple languages, inputting it into your database or another electronic format as required. Automated forms processing can remove all the issues associated with manual data processing for your organisation, saving you time, money and resource. We’ve provided document processing services to research organisations, businesses onboarding new customers, and the government during census data collection and analysis.

Improve Data Processing Speed

Remove manual re-keying of forms

Increase Accuracy in Data Analysis

Rely on the results more with the knowledge that data is accurately captured.

Reduce Costs

Cut the costs associated with manual forms processing

How Automated Forms Processing Works

Document processing typically uses pre-defined templates and configurations. Barcodes can be used to aid recognition for organisations that use a variety of forms. The template will create a map of the document, allowing our processing engine to recognise fields by their location. Post-recognition, the document processing engine extracts and delivers information into a back-end system. It can also process and generate formatted results using calculations and analysis, making it ideal for high-volume forms.

High-Speed Scanning

Completed forms are digitally scanned using a high-speed scanner

Image Processing Algorithms

Images are cleaned using document image processing algorithms to improve accuracy

Intelligent Classification

Forms are classified based on original template forms with data fields are extracted using the appropriate recognition components

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Automated Document Processing FAQs 

The main benefits of Automated Forms Processing are that it can save your business time, money and resource, therefore helping improve productivity and efficiency. This is because it removes the task of manual data handling and processing, powering your digital transformation.

Automated forms processing time can vary, depending on form lengths, classifications types and structure lengths. Contact our team for a quote or to ask any questions about the automated form process today.

Other Restore Digital services can be used alongside automated forms processing to aid your organisation’s digital transformation. Use our document scanning services to digitise hard copy forms quickly and easily. Meanwhile, our digital mailroom service can send completed forms directly to Restore from the recipient. We can also manage the outbound printing and distribution of these forms.

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