Document Digitisation Service

Digitise your documents with SimplyScan, our quick, simple and reliable scanning service.

What is SimplyScan?

SimplyScan is our straightforward document digitisation service and is perfect for those simple scanning projects, where you need paper files digitised and moved offsite to make space. Whether you have a small project or a storage room full of boxes, our SimplyScan service can flex to your needs.

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How does SimplyScan work?

Pack your boxes

Send your documents by courier or have them collected by your Restore Digital team

Digitise your documents

We’ll prepare your documents, and scan, index, and quality check them as standard

Access to your digitised documents

Get access to all of your scanned documents via our cloud-based portal, EDMonline

Trust us, we've been digitising documents for over 20 years and help over 35,000 customers each year

No matter where you are in the UK, Restore Digital provides document scanning services at any one of our dedicated UK sites. Providing you with a local scanning service at a national level of security and efficiency

Secure destruction

Secure destruction of hard copies is included in the document digitisation price, in association with our sister division, Restore Datashred.

Fast turnaround

Our nationwide capacity means you can go digital faster.

Easy access to records

Cloud-based document management means your records are easy to search and retrieve within seconds.

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SimplyScan Document Digitisation FAQs

It does what it says! Our document digitisation process is simple – we will scan your documents and then you can access them securely from anywhere.

The overall cost to digitise your documents depends on the nature of the project and how many boxes you may have. We can give you a quote in less than 10 minutes – it’s simpler than some of our other scanning services, which have different pricing levels.

Outsourcing your document digitisation to Restore Digital allows you to focus your time and skills on other tasks that can drive your business forward. We’re here to help you go digital faster, while staying compliant with the latest legislation, including GDPR.

We are proud to be GDPR compliant and have a range of accreditations, including six ISO British Standard Certifications, and CyberEssentials Plus (EDMonline™). You can be sure your sensitive records and business-critical files are in safe hands with our document digitisation service.

SimplyScan is a document digitisation service tailored towards the needs of small to medium businesses. It’s designed to enable us to turn around the entire process as quickly and easily as possible, while still allowing businesses to benefit from our experience, quality and scale.

With SimplyScan, you can digitise documents in colour or black and white, indexed with search fields and we can include options for large format documents (>A3) and blank page removal, all included in the price.

The digitised documents will be available to you with three options for receiving them:

  • On an encrypted USB stick
  • A safe cloud link
  • Use our SimplyScan portal (EDMonline™), which stores your digital documents and allows you to search for and view your file

Our standard SLA is 10 working days for up to 200 boxes, but there is a higher priority option if you need it, which allows you to get your files back in 7 working days.

We can destroy your documents in-house using our partner company Restore Datashred, return them to you, or store them with Restore Records Management.

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