Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning

Protect and restore your archive data

Microfiche and microfilm technology is becoming increasingly difficult to keep running, but our microfiche scanning services can help

Scanning for All Sectors, Across the UK

Scanning means storage is improved and hybrid workforces can find specific files whenever they need to. Restore Digital has digitised millions of microfiche and microfilm archives for organisations in the healthcare, manufacturing and financial services sectors. Our microfiche scanning experts have a deep understanding of this unique data format and its nuanced compliance requirements. Speak to our team to learn more about our microfiche and microfilm scanning services today.

Benefits of Microfiche Scanning

Save Money

Scanning microfiche means you’ll save on the cost of physically storing microfilm files, as well as the growing costs associated with maintaining these formats

Improve Accessibility

Digitised files are available instantaneously to both customers and staff. These files will also be ‘text searchable’, making them significantly easier to retrieve

Mitigate Risk

If stored improperly, microfiche and microfilm are prone to yellowing, fungus growth and deterioration. Microfiche scanning helps protect files from degradation and the risks associated with human handling

How Microfiche & Microfilm Scanning Works

We'll help you assess your microfiche archives – reviewing for specialist formats like Diazo copies, COM fiche or Aperture cards – collect them securely, then scan and convert them to digital files using the leading equipment. We quality cotrol every everything and offer secure hosted document management platforms or delivery to your core system. Finally, we can destroy your original microfiche or return them to you. It's that simple!

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Improve Efficiency

Streamline your processes and customer experience by improving remote access to files

Increase Security and Compliance

Protect digitised microfiche from unauthorised access. Maintain data security and GDPR compliance by automating retention rules

Quality Review and Control

We follow strict quality control and review protocols overseen by passionate microfiche and microfilm specialists and harness the latest in AI quality assessment

Speak to our team to learn more about our microfiche and microfilm scanning services today.

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Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning FAQs

Microfiche is a flat sheet of film that features multiple miniature copies of documents, arranged in a grid pattern. In contrast, microfilm is a roll of film that contains these copies, typically in a linear format. Both microfiche and microfilm require the same level of handling and care.

The microfilm scanning process can take vary depending of factors such as the format of the the microfilm and state of the archives. Get in touch for a quote today and one of our team will talk you through the process.

Our microfiche and microfilm scanning experts have a wealth of experience in tackling these specialist projects with clients across multiple highly regulated sectors. We offer exceptional microfiche scanning services, as well as handling and indexing services while your project is in process. This means you can request and receive a digital version of any microfiche or microfilm image that hasn’t yet been scanned or indexed.

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