Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & AI

Supplement your workflows to improve growth

Integrate Robotic Processes Automation + AI

Maximise your existing data, systems and resources

Robotic process automation isn’t new – in fact here at Restore we’ve been doing it for over thirty years. But even as other process automation, AI and machine learning capabilities improve, robotics has a vital part to play. Use RPA to connect legacy systems, accurately transfer data between platforms, and free up your valuable employees from repetitive tasks to contribute their skills to your business.

Robotic Process Automation Benefits

Fully Integrated approach

Our capabilities in data capture and management mean we can support every step of the process, unlike software suppliers or systems integrators. We deliver robotic process automation, fuelled by AI and machine learning, integrated with our other business process automation solutions

Improve performance without software investment

Overcome limitations in existing software programmes – for instance, by using robotics to bridge the gap between two systems with data transfers.

Introduce more consistency into your workflows

Use skills-based routing systems to direct high volume, simple processes to RPA. Human error is removed from the system and accuracy is increased. Bottlenecks are reduced with 24/7 operations.

Combining automation, AI and machine learning

Our experience, services and platforms deliver solutions that supplement your existing workforce to support your growth.

Discuss your needs

Bespoke solutions

Our solutions are bespoke and delivered through our experience in business process automation, decision automation, natural language processing (NLP), and, of course, Machine Learning and AI.


With ISO’s 9001, 27001, 14001, 45001, 22301, BS10008 along with Cyber Essentials Plus and a Planet Mark certification, you can trust us to deliver for your business.

Give your employees time back in the day

Automate common tasks, like entering change of address details, filling in onboarding forms or processing simple requests. Employees who previously had these responsibilities can be upskilled or given new tasks to add more value to your business and improve job satisfaction.

Book a discovery session with a business process automation expert

Whether you want to discuss a particular problem, or you need a hand identifying ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, we can help. Book a Digital Transformation Audit with one of our experts. We’ll use the time to find out about your challenges and provide personalised cost-benefit analysis for your business process automation options.

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