NHS and Healthcare

NHS and Healthcare

Supporting the NHS on the Road to Digitisation

The NHS is still undergoing a digital transformation push. While there’s progress, with most trusts having some form of electronic patient records, there’s still gaps.

The goal is for the majority of NHS organisations to have core digital foundations. Every objective and aim is to improve patient care by giving them easier access to information and appointments, while also streamlining processes for healthcare professionals. However, achieving this ambitious goal requires overcoming challenges in ensuring consistent digital maturity across the NHS.

Key challenges for the industry

Legacy systems

The NHS relies on many outdated ("legacy") computer systems that are difficult to integrate with newer technologies. This creates data silos and hinders smooth information flow.

Data security and privacy

The NHS handles a vast amount of sensitive patient data. The digital transformation needs to ensure robust cybersecurity measures are in place to protect this data from breaches and cyberattacks. Additionally, strict data governance protocols are needed to comply with regulations and maintain patient trust.

Constant change and funding

Striking a balance between digital innovation and ensuring a manageable workload for healthcare professionals is crucial to avoid burnout and ensure effective adoption of new technologies. Budgets are already stretched thin and allocating sufficient funding for these projects is crucial to ensure they can be completed successfully.

Medical Records Digitisation

Digitising paper medical records for a more sustainable healthcare system is nothing new – it's been part of the NHS long-term plan from the start. But with complexities and sensitivities of information contained within medical records, coupled with the overwhelming volumes of historical records in storage

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Starts with record scanning

Restore provide bulk archive scanning for hospitals. Often Trusts approach us because they want their patient records consistently stored, with appropriate access permissions, and the security of knowing loose filing cannot get lost. And we have worked with Heads of Directorates, scanning very specific medical records and uploading into a cost-effective record viewer.

The Restore group of companies work with over 80% of NHS Trusts with long term storage, digitisation, secure destruction, removals, and technology recycling.

Security is the key. Our teams provide a full service with the highest security.

Compliance, security and governance are at the heart of everything we do. Our certifications and meeting of frameworks ensure your medical records are in safe hands.

Reduced storage space, faster information retrieval

Project drivers can vary. We work with Directors of Estates wanting to digitalise to repurpose much needed physical space into specialist examination spaces.  This adds clear improved patient experience along with the digitisation to improves the access to information and records.

Working with NHS Trusts, Hospitals, GP practices and Local Authorities across the UK

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