Live File Scanning


Real-Time Scanning of Active Files 

Any live files from medical records to case files.

Live file scanning is a proactive approach to file storage, as more businesses look to digitise their physical files. At Restore Digital, we’ll take your physical files and transfer any active files onto a digital database. Inactive files can be stored with us for long-term management, eliminating the issue of finding space and funds to accommodate excess files on your premises. All of our systems are regularly managed and monitored, so you can rest assured your documents are secure from malicious activity or cyber attacks.

Benefits of Live File Scanning

Time and money saving

Scan documents as and when you need them and keep the rest of your archives in storage until you need them digitised.

Eliminate physical storage issues

We’ll handle your documents and store them if needed, freeing up space on your site.

Increased security

No more issues of lost or misplaced documents. Everything is stored securely on a digital system that only authorised personnel have access to.

Instant integration to your internal systems

Our document management systems (EDRMS) provide basic functionalities like document upload, indexing, and workflow tools. They also have GDPR modules for privacy compliance. The EDMOnline system can integrate directly with your existing internal systems like CRM or case management tools, allowing seamless file linking and remote access. Additionally, we directly upload documents and data into your systems, eliminating manual data entry. This saves you time and effort while keeping your documents secure.

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Live file scanning to order

If you know what workload and appointments you have in advance, we can scan the archives needed to order. Our live file scanning service can help increase your return of investment by only scanning the files you need when you need them.

Improved accessibility

Eliminate the lengthy process of locating physical records. Everything is stored on one system with easy search features.

Regular file collections

Some organisations are not yet in a position to stop the creation of paper documents. As part of our live file scanning service we regularly collect and digitise from businesses so that they can still create digital workflows later in the process.

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Working with Restore made remote working much easier. Our live files were being stored with Restore Records Management, instead of requesting hard copies Restore Digital digitised our active files. By digitising these files, our team can work much more effectively, regardless of location

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Live File Scanning FAQs

We scan a wide range of documents under our live document scanning service, including invoices, medical documents, personal records, customer information and much more. Providing that your physical documents are in an acceptable condition, we can make high-quality digital versions of your archives and enhance them where possible.

Our live file scanning service offers several benefits. One benefit is that you’ll get secure and easy access to your archives without the hassle of paper trails. Digital archives store all records in one database, eliminating the need for physical documents and preventing any loss or misplacement.

With our live file scanning service, you can also choose to have documents scanned as and when you need them. This speeds up the scanning process and helps you prioritise important documents.

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