Digital Cheque Processing

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Cheques are still essential for many organisations, even now

Digital cheque processing support

Digital cheque processing is not only a key part of many digital mailrooms, but often the driving force for outsourcing and digitalising this process. Banks are moving over to digital cheque clearing, where they can scan the cheque with associated metadata attached. This process involves incorporating cheque processing into the mailroom workflow to complete auto balancing and reconciliation at the time of scanning/processing.

How we support you

Faster payments

Image-based systems allow for cheques to clear quicker, meaning you can receive your payments faster

Time saving

Eliminate the need to manually cash cheques by having to take them to the bank.

Increased workflow

Remove the administration time needed to track and process physical cheques.

Daily Confirmation and Reporting

Once the banking process has been confirmed as complete, an automated report confirming both this and that the cheques have been successfully banked is generated. Covering dates, time, volume and value of cheques banked – along with those from previous day and those carried over. And of course, reporting on Annual/monthly/weekly/daily volumes and revenue by job type

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Reduce costs

No need to pay for couriers, cheque collection or other costs.

Clear audit trail

Our digital cheque processing service individually logs cheques received each day into our workflow system. After scanning, the cheques are stored securely before the banking process takes place as part of the workflow system. A list of cheques requiring banking is produced automatically each day.

Same-day banking

Digital cheque processing allows for the banking of cheques into multiple customer accounts. Cheques, a copy of the manifest, and the paying-in slip are placed into a banking sleeve and this is then sealed. Depending on the requirements, the cheques then can be taken to the bank for depositing before 4pm each day.

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Digital Cheque Processing FAQs

An electronic cheque is a completely digital cheque that electronically pays funds into a payee’s account. The process involves the payer filling out the digital cheque with the payee’s information as they would with a physical cheque. This is then verified by their bank and the funds are then transferred.

The most notable benefits of digital cheque processing include the amount of time saved to process funds, as well as increased security. There’s no need for manual transfer of physical cheques so the funds can be received as soon as the cheque is approved by the bank. Digital cheque processing is also more secure and eliminates the risk of lost or forged cheques.

You could see your cheques deposited as early as 4pm on the same day they are received. Other factors may influence this.

Front and back images of all cheques are required to be scanned and captured in line with the Banking Industry Standards for Cheque Imagining.

Digital cheque processing consists of three stages. The three-stage process involves:

  • Two separate comparisons by two different operators to make sure details of all cheques are correct. Any anomalies are reported immediately to the Supervisor. 
  • The cheques and manifest are then passed to a third, senior member of the team who carries out a final visual check and totals all cheques to ensure the overall total matches the manifest details. 
  • The manifest is then signed by each operator after each stage has been completed.
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