Housing Associations

Housing Associations

Access and Audit Trails are vital for Property Records

The amount of paperwork involved in Housing Associations operations often results in valuable office space being wasted as an onsite storage facility. For Housing Associations, where an audit trail of all records associated to the different properties are needed, and access to a specific record needs to be quick in the event of an emergency.

Key Challenges for Housing Associations

Record Access

Access to the right record, at the right time can make a fundamental difference

Reducing Costs

Integrating physical paper processes, removing paper, archives and physical records storage is key to getting to the data held in in paper.

Digital Transformation needs developing

Scanning documents is a foundational step for this transition.

Document Scanning, Document Management, Digital Workflows

When it comes to transforming information and having meaningful data accessible to support sustainable growth and development, you need to take the right step to deliver.

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How We Support Housing Associations

Secure scans adhering to UK standards

Complete with metadata, clear naming, and indexed images

Digital Workflows to interconnect between systems

With HA’s using large numbers of systems – sometimes specialised – working out how to connect them takes experts

Document Management Solutions

Systems to increase access to the right documents quickly and easily make sense.

Supporting Housing Associations with Digitisation

Digital Solutions for Housing Associations

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