Business Process Automation

Eliminate hidden admin costs

Work smarter, grow faster with a tailored BPA solution  

Business process automation for your specific challenges

Your business isn’t off the shelf – and neither are our solutions. At Restore we tailor business process automation (BPA) and workflow management to your specific challenges. You might want to scale quickly, increase internal capacity, hit compliance targets, boost employee job satisfaction or outpace the competition. Whatever your unique goal, our team will apply their process design specialism, systems and AI knowledge, and industry experience to help you achieve it, fast.

Benefits of business process outsourcing

Turn effectiveness up to maximum 

Direct tasks to the right people and places, instantly. Using skills-based routing, valuable employees are freed up from mundane work. Incorporating AI and automation for routine tasks increases accuracy and consistency. By eliminating wasted time and effort, overheads are reduced and delivery times are cut.

Increase capacity without adding headcount

Shifting from paper to digital processes removes the cap on your capacity. Paper documents can only be managed by one person at a time; digital processes open up tasks to multiple employees, whether remote or office-based.

Say goodbye to compliance challenges

Build compliance triggers and targets into your workflows for peace of mind. Audits and KPI tracking are simple with a well-designed digital process. No more scares caused by missing documents, bottlenecks, or communication breakdowns. Operating in regulated markets has never been simpler.

Combining automation, AI and machine learning

Our experience, services and platforms deliver solutions that supplement your existing workforce to support your growth.

Discuss your needs

Make delighting your customers a breeze

Cut response times from days to hours with automated workflows. Help your employees provide better customer service with easier access to information. Remove friction and delays from internal processes to revolutionise customer experience. Gain a competitive advantage by presenting your organisation as a modern, digital brand.

Named account manager and service delivery manager

Business case support with change management guidance backed by a managed service. Our tailored solutions are powered by AI and machine learning, and Restore’s market-leading capabilities which complement BPA, cover scanning, document management and decision automation.

In-depth understanding of business challenges

Successful BPA doesn’t start with technology; it starts with problem identification and process design. Only then does a comprehensive technological skillset come into play. As the UK’s leading digital transformation specialist, Restore has a unique combination of knowledge, expertise, capabilities and technology to help you achieve your goals.

Book a discovery session with a business process automation expert

Whether you want to discuss a particular problem, or you need a hand identifying ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, we can help. Book a Digital Transformation Audit with one of our experts. We’ll use the time to find out about your challenges and provide personalised cost-benefit analysis for your business process automation options.

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Business Process Automation FAQs

We’ll start with a discovery phase, typically running workshops to understand how your business operates and where issues lie. The process will vary depending on company size, sector and situation but may include process-mapping to identify key moments in workflows, where value is being added, and how we can best introduce automation. Our experts will then formulate a solution to meet your objectives. We have a vast toolbox of tried and tested models, systems and technology from which we will draw to create your tailored business process automation solution.

Unlike most other BPA vendors, such as systems integrators and software suppliers, we are platform agnostic. Our in-house experts will evaluate your requirements and recommend the best technology for you from the whole market. To make your BPA as efficient as possible, the team will use AI and machine learning to power your solution.

It can be hard for organisations to diagnose the bottlenecks and wasted effort within their own processes. We’ll work with you to understand your objectives – whether you want to streamline your operations, for instance, or grow into new markets – and then examine your existing workflows to see where BPA could help you achieve those goals.

We work with hundreds of UK companies, many of whom operate under strict regulations. To ensure our customers comply with data rules, we manage all hosting (including cloud) in the UK. We hold certifications for ISO’s 9001, 27001, 14001, 45001, 22301, BS10008 as well as Cyber Essentials Plus and Planet Mark certification.

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