Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Supporting Local Authorities with the Digital Foundations

Councils and Local Authorities aren’t just custodians; they leverage data to transform public services. By sharing data ethically and responsibly, they can unlock innovation in local digital economies, all while safeguarding resident privacy.

Data that’s locked up in paper is just a box in storage. To create a robust digital infrastructure, unlock the power of data and increasingly push for the growth of a secure digital economy requires change. Digitisation, Digitalisation and Digital Transformation are three vital pillars

Key Challenges for Local Authorities

Budgets and Funding

Modernising infrastructure and processes comes with a cost.

Unlock the Barrier of Paper

Integrating physical paper processes, removing paper, archives and physical records storage is key to successfully delivering for the locality

Improving Efficiency

With challenges to budgets, comes the desire to do more even whilst resources are reduced

Document Scanning, Digital Mailrooms, Document Management

When it comes to transforming information and having meaningful data accessible to support sustainable growth and development of your locality, you need to take the right step to deliver.

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Archives of records, microfilm, microfiche and documents, take space and are effectively sleeping data. Transforming paper to data unlocks the potential.

Work from Anywhere

Modern working practices from hot-desking to hybrid and remote working, means anything paper-based becomes a barrier to efficiency.  Transforming mailroom processes to a digital workflow allows secure delivery to the where mail needs to be.

Digital Transformation

Local authorities need to be resilient, proactive, and engaging organisations to support their citizenry. Data silos, manual hand-offs of information and ‘hidden’ administration all can be broken down and converted to processes and workflows to improve efficiency.

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