Natural Language Processing Services

Extract the value from your data

From handwriting to print, instantly decode your unstructured data 

Extract more meaning

Are you missing crucial messages and trends because of the volume of communications you receive? Perhaps your automated systems process forms but struggle when it comes to handwritten letters or unstructured emails. At Restore, we use our years of experience in natural language processing (NLP) and our knowledge of AI to help customers extract the value from their correspondence. Sort and redirect messages, prioritise communications, and assess sentiment information for wider trends.

Streamline comms handling

Remove duplication in your communications management by using NLP to review incoming messages and direct them to the right recipient.

Sort and Classify

Sort and classify any type of unstructured data against pre-determined criteria that fit your business rules. Free employees up to act on messages, rather than spending time processing them.

Spot patterns

Review large volumes of unstructured data to understand emerging patterns in customer sentiment or market demands.

Combining automation, AI and machine learning

Our experience, services and platforms deliver solutions that supplement your existing workforce to support your growth.

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Trend analysis

Identify new trends that otherwise would have been missed within hard-to-process communications – and take action to address the change more quickly.

More accuracy

Focus your efforts on only the relevant sections of communications: extracting only the data you need to save time in processing, later down the line.

Reduce time investment

Maintain consistency in how you prioritise communications, and review your messages more quickly.

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