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Central Government

Supporting Central Government with Digital Transformation

For government departments, scanning is a vital service. For example, scanning to specified standards with metadata creation, naming and indexing of images. Or the provision of specialist scanning including microfiches and registrar services documentation.

Add to this the provision of bespoke document management solutions in support of the required services. And finally scanning of incoming mail and processing to enable accurate distribution across the Government Department

Key Challenges for Government

Delivering on Digital Strategy plans

Every department and ministry has a digital strategy, a digital team and community – getting paper to data in the right format and destination is vital.

Fiscal control

Modernising infrastructure and processes comes with a cost.

Beyond just IT

Integrating physical paper processes, removing paper, archives and physical records storage is key to successfully delivering for the UK.

Document Scanning, Digital Mailrooms, Document Management

Forget storing. For Central Government, records need to be digital to support the increasing demands of citizenry, improved efficiency and enhanced security.

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Specialist Fleet of Scanners

Government documents come in all shapes and sizes, from fragile historical records to large blueprints. A specialist fleet ensures the company has scanners suitable for any type of material the government needs digitised.

Quality Control

Government documents often contain critical information. A strong QC process ensures the scanned copies accurately represent the originals, minimising errors that could have legal or financial ramifications. Thorough QC catches errors early, preventing the need for costly delays in the project timeline.

Mailroom Management

A well-managed digital mailroom goes beyond simple scanning. It provides a comprehensive system for streamlining government mail handling, improving accessibility, and enhancing security. This translates to significant efficiency gains, improved transparency, and reduced risks for the Central Government.

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