Bulk Scanning

Streamline your business and organise your documents

Secure, high-quality bulk digitisation of paper documents 

High Quality Bulk Scanning

Benefit from specialised bulk scanning services with Restore Digital. We have the ability to bulk scan documents in any quantity, size or medium from books to fiche and film. Our bulk document scanning services provide high-quality scans of documents in all conditions, from fragile books to small or old records, including Lloyd George notes and other medical records.

Bulk Document Scanning Benefits

Secure Collection

Fully tracked, uniformed drivers securely collect your files in branded vans.

Tracked Preparation

Documents are prepared and tracked through our prep process ready for digitisation.

Bulk Digitisation

Documents are scanned in bulk at one of our facilities and turned into digital images.

The UK's largest digitisation provider

With the largest scanning capacity in the UK, we have the resources and security to provide high quality scanning services for everything from bulk scanning to small scanning projects, with the utmost security and tracking. 

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Integrate with EDRMs

We provide can provide complimentary services, including document management through our EDRMs, which maintain digital archives with ease.


  • Improve document management and file organisation
  • Save time spent searching for physical documents
  • Free up physical space as you go paperless
  • Reduce the risk of lost or damaged files
  • Improve access to files across your organisation by storing all documents in one secure database
  • Streamline document distribution


Secure Delivery

Digital files provided through SFTP, via a cloud based service or directly into your system.


Keep your documents compliant with GDPR by ensuring all data is stored securely.

Return, Store or Shred

Restore Digital will manage the bulk document scanning process every step of the way, from collecting your files to digitising them, through to returning them to you, storing, or securely destroying them.

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Bulk document scanning FAQs 

Bulk scanning is ideal for businesses with large amounts of documents that need scanning at one time. This could apply to hospitals or medical trusts that require archive scanning, or any other companies that are in possession of an excess amount of physical paper records and would like to free up space and digitise their documents. 

Our bulk document scanning services are the perfect way to help streamline your business and organise your documents. Bulk scanning documents helps to remove unwanted and excess amounts of physical paper storage, freeing up valuable space in your archives. Digitising your documents also ensures that no documents are lost and all files are easily accessible in one secure database. Bulk scanning also streamlines the distribution of any documents as they can be sent digitally or copies can be made much quicker than scanning the original document each time.

When you enquire about our bulk scanning services, a member of the team from Restore Digital will get in touch to discuss the process. Factors that will influence the time taken include the type of documents, size, quality and format of the digital files.

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