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On-Premise and Hosted Document Management

DocuWare document management allows your organisation to manage files electronically, improving your agility as you make the transition towards a paperless future.  Document scanning is only effective with the right software solution. DocuWare can automate the entire digitisation process of capturing, organising, accessing, viewing, collaborating, updating, integrating and customising your files as you go digital faster. DocuWare also makes managing SARs, retention periods and workflows simple, quick to set up and low cost. It allows HR Teams to transform the way they work, with immediate ROI.

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Tamper-free archiving for maximum security and GDPR compliant documents with audit trails.


Automate file imports, index, assign database information automatically and manage documents via mobile or create, fill and automatically archive forms.


Flexibility combined with mobile access and significantly lower costs when you don't need bespoke workflows

Over the last 30 years, DocuWare has become the go-to system for organisations who want to implement a secure EDMS (electronic document management system) with off-the-shelf integration. DocuWare is available cloud-based or as on-premises software – there’s a solution for every organisation.

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Transform your workflow with DocuWare

  • Integrate third party applications
  • Integrate Outlook with structured storage
  • Control document workflow processes
  • Use document-based workflows
  • Automate file imports
  • Index unlimited documents
  • Assign database information automatically
  • Manage documents via mobile
  • Create, fill and automatically archive forms

Lower IT resource

No need to invest in hardware or IT infrastructure and low-maintenance and IT admin effort required.

Feature Rich Integration

Integration with 500 different applications, including CRM, HR systems and homegrown software.

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DocuWare Benefits

There are so many benefits to using DocuWare as your digital document management solution. Choose DocuWare and you can expect: 

  • Flexibility
  • Mobile access
  • Tamper-free archiving
  • Full back office integration
  • Regain physical office space
  • Maximum security
  • GDPR compliant documents with audit trails
  • Effortless conversion from paper to digital
  • Integration with applications, including CRM, HR systems and homegrown software

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DocuWare FAQs

DocuWare is a document management solution that will streamline your organisation’s file access and management, allowing you to go digital faster. Use the cloud-based version of DocuWare for:

  • Document scanning and importing
  • Basic and advanced capture
  • Intelligent indexing
  • Digital document classification
  • External document sharing
  • Process automation
  • Outlook integration

The day-to-day benefits of using DocuWare for document management include saving you time and money searching for paper files, while keeping you compliant, secure and letting you regain office space. Give your staff both headspace and more physical space as you go digital and transform the way you work.

DocuWare is typically implemented in between 3 to 20 days, depending on complexity. DocuWare cloud implementations are especially quick due to the low code and impact on IT resources and limited hardware requirements. For example, DocuWare for invoice processing is a pre-configured solution in the cloud and can be up and running in just three days.

Due to the simple yet powerful web-based configuration and low code requirements, even highly complex environments are often implemented in less than 30 days.

If your organisation requires specific solutions, our experts can provide customised solutions to solve the specific challenges faced in any business process.

You can then expect to see ROI a lot quicker than expected and enjoy the benefits of using
an electronic document management system.

At Restore Digital, we’ve worked closely with DocuWare over the last decade, implementing the solution across organisations of all sizes, from top FTSE and NHS companies to SMEs. We’ll get you up and running with DocuWare document management in just a few days, taking the burden off your in-house teams. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

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