Decision Automation

Automation, AI and Machine Learning

Use Your Valuable Data to Fuel Quicker, More Consistent Decisions 

Thousands of Automated Decisions Every Day

Organisations are increasingly introducing decision automation into their workflows, often as part of broader business process automation. Defining rules, then implementing an AI-powered process to apply them, saves time and creates consistency. It all starts with capturing and processing the right data, which is why customers choose Restore. We’re the UK market leader in digitising data.

Speed Up Your End-to-End Processes

Automate regular decisions so they can be taken in a fraction of the time. Remove bottlenecks and reduce time needed to investigate complaints due to human error.

Eliminate Inconsistencies and Errors

Defining business rules and automating their application gives you peace of mind. Mistakes that can naturally slip in through human error are eradicated.

Free Resource

Free your employees from repetitive work to focus on tasks where human input and judgement is required – and boost job satisfaction in the process.

Combining Automation, AI and Machine Learning

Our experience, services and platforms deliver solutions that supplement your existing workforce to support your growth.

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AI + ML + Rules Engines

From simple solutions, like a rules engine, for straightforward decisions or use artificial intelligence and machine learning to apply context, depending on your business requirements.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Shorten the time it takes to respond to a customer enquiry, process a request, or approve an application, you’ll making your customers happier too.

Human Testing

At Restore, we carry out side-by-side testing of human decisions against the proposed automated process for your tasks, to ensure the right balance of consistency and subjective value judgements is achieved.

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Whether you want to discuss a particular problem, or you need a hand identifying ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, we can help. Book a Digital Transformation Audit with one of our experts. We’ll use the time to find out about your challenges and provide personalised cost-benefit analysis for your business process automation options.

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Decision Automation FAQs

We’ll start with a discovery phase, typically running workshops to understand how your business operates and where issues lie. The process will vary depending on company size, sector and situation but may include process-mapping to identify key moments in workflows, where value is being added, and how we can best introduce decision automation. We have a vast toolbox of tried and tested models, systems and technology from which we will draw to create your tailored solution.

Decision automation isn’t a magic bullet for every choice an organisation makes. It excels at handling routine, repetitive tasks that follow a defined set of rules. For example, approving low-risk loan applications, responding to basic customer service iequiries, or flagging fraudulent transactions can all be automated with decision management software

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