Automotive Finance

Automotive Finance

Streamline Processes With Innovative Digital Solutions

Replace lengthy and expensive manual form-filling and faxing between teams using our solutions to reduce costs, risk and speed up processing times, all whilst allowing instant verification of the applicant’s financial data. From intelligent data capture, to e-signature integration and automated decision-making using our rules-based engine capability, through to routing of documents to appropriate teams with our work allocation technology. All data is kept secure, compliant and fully accessible in our hosted document management platform.

Automate risk decisions in a way that is faster, more reliable and provides a better end-to-end customer experience and operational efficiencies including headcount savings.

Key Challenges for the Automotive Finance Sector

Do More With Less Resource

Process high volume inbound mail with speed and reliability that can also integrate seamlessly with your internal processes in a secure and compliant way.

Accurate Conversion

Undertake a large scale conversion of paperwork such as faxes into accessible digital records that follows your industry-specific data structure.

Secure Access & Storage

Find a more cost-effective way to store business-critical documents and information so you can better utilise real estate, while still providing a way for secure access that complies with financial and data regulations.

We know the Automotive Finance sector is shifting gear

Digitisation trends are all being driven by the increasing demand for convenience and transparency from car finance customers. Digital technologies are allowing lenders to meet these demands and to improve their efficiency.

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Our Process for the Automotive Finance Sector

Start with Scanning, Digitalisation and Digitisation

Digitise, index and extract information.  Scanning archives, ongoing paperwork digitisation, implementing digital mailrooms.

Optimise Processes and Embed Cybersecurity

We work with  firms to optimise their current process. As more and more data is moved online, there is a greater risk of cyberattacks. Robust cybersecurity measures to protect their customers’ data.

Add Artificial Intelligence and Automation

We automate, we use RPA, we use AI. For Automotive Finance, we automate tasks, ensure paper conversion is done accurately and reliably at speed and follow your security and compliance requirements.

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