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From NHS digitalisation through to councils’ care records, from legal archives to HR records, organisations across the UK still have large paper archives

These archives are often taking up valuable storage space, are difficult to use and restrict your ability to be agile and effective.  Our project team will work with you to provide our archive scanning services and plan a digitisation project to reflect your business needs and strategy objectives. Whether this is simply scanning to PDF, to AI and RPA data discovery.  All our archive scanning centres are security-focused and are suitable for confidential document scanning.

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More storage space

These archives are often taking up valuable storage space, are difficult to use and restrict your ability to be agile and effective. 

Cost efficient

Saves your business the cost of printing, copying and storing physical records

Greater security

Eliminates the issues of missing or damaged physical documents

Compliance, security and governance

Secure chains of custody are at the heart of everything we do. We offer secure rooms for highly confidential material. We monitor our premises with perimeter security and have security systems including intruder alarms and automated access controls on doors. When transporting your files for archive scanning, your documents will be transported in a fully GPS tracked vehicle with uniformed drivers. 

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Easier accessibility

Your files are stored in one place and are easy to access, request and send.

Safe Hands

Compliance, security and governance is at the heart of everything we do at Restore. Our certifications and auditing ensure you’re in safe hands.

Time saving

Eliminates the lengthy process of finding, scanning and manually sending documents so your staff have more time for important tasks.

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Archive Document Scanning FAQs  

Archive scanning is the process of transferring your physical archives to digital archives by physically scanning and transferring the documents to an electronic database. This process removes the need for physical documents that have become outdated and take up excessive amounts of storage space.

There are a range of benefits of our archive scanning services. The first is that you’ll have secure and easy access to your archives without the mess of paper trails. Digital archives eliminate the need for paperwork and any missing or lost physical documents by storing all records in one database. Archive scanning also frees up huge amounts of storage space by removing old paper records from your premises.  Archive document scanning saves a large amount of time, as it eliminates the need for physical document retrieval, scanning and manual transfer of files via methods like post.

Archive scanning can be a lengthy but very worthwhile process. Factors that will influence the time taken include the type of documents, size, quality and format of the digital files. When you get in touch with Restore Digital for a quote, we’ll talk you through what to expect from our archive scanning services.

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