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Energy companies

The energy sector is a vast industry, from the more mainstream suppliers to the nuclear industry, to the oil industry through to renewable energy. From the sale of energy to fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution, the industry is a crucial part of the fabric of international society. 

Overlaid over the industry is a high regulation and government oversight. Broadley speaking, corporate stakeholders are demanding greater focus on the energy sector to embrace digital technology. In the context of the regulatory environment, digital initiatives can help make organisations more robust, proactively manage regulatory issues, while being cost effective for the long term.

Archive scanning

Our scanning centres are based across the UK, and have the most extensive, top of the range scanning equipment, meaning we don’t just have capacity, but the flexibility needed for all types of scanning project.

Restore Digital is the only commercial organisation to hold Place of Deposit Status.

We also have certification in or work to the following standards:

  • ISO9001:2008 – Quality Management System 
  • ISO14001 – Environmental Management System 
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) (formerly BS 7799)  
  • BS EN 7858 – Security Screening
  • PD5454:2012 – Guide for the storage and exhibition of archival materials
  • BS 10008 – Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information.
  • ISO 20000 (ITIL) – Our Systems are ITIL compliant and, whilst we do not currently hold the certification, our processes do follow best practice. We intend to become certified soon.
  • Restore hold ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management (BCM) 
  • ISO 270035:2011 (Information Security Incident Management) – Restore have incident management policies and processes but are not currently certified 
  • IG Toolkit Compliance. 
  • NHS Digital Data Security & Protection Toolkit We have completed the online assessment to assure we a practicing good data security and personal information is handled correctly.

This makes us the go-to company for scanning for highly sensitive and confidential records.

From standard sheets of A4 through to technical drawings, CAD and microfiche, Restore have the best equipment and most experienced team to meet your needs. 

Document management databases

Once paper records are digitised, having a secure cloud-based or on-premise system that allows you the agility to access your information on any device in any country is essential for many organisations. 

Restore offer two different EDRM systems to ensure you find the solution that best suits your organisation. 

Our consultancy team can work with you to decide and install a bespoke version of either system, working with your IT Teams and security parameters.
Both systems have trackable history for a full audit trail, permission setting and rule-based actions, such as retention periods. Both can be configured to support and enable automation and RPA to improve internal workflows. 

Understand and access your information effectively and be better able to respond to any information requests, whether SARs, audits or legal enquiries.
Read more about eView and DocuWare here.

Automated workflows

Becoming a paper-lite organisation is a key strategy objective for many organisations. In our recent survey, which can be downloaded here, 80% of organisations were on a paper-lite journey. And while this may involve scanning archived files, it often involves looking at current workflows and seeing where paper is created internally.

As well as looking at the paper pinch points, which are highlighted in our infographic here, increasingly organisations are looking to automate for accuracy, speed and agility.

With the energy sector automation could support your claims process, your accounts teams or even your HR teams. Pulling information out of PDFs, indexing and classifying that information, and either pushing them to the right database or person, or even matching them up with current invoices, POs or cases are all possible and help support your business.


Read more about our automated workflows here.

Have a read of our recent whitepaper on automation with the energy sector complaints teams, based on an Ofgem report, here.

Read our case studies from scanning projects:

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