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Government and Local AuthoritiesGovernment and Local Authorities

At Restore we work with government departments, local authorities and education establishments helping them on their paperless journey.

We appreciate the tight financial pressures upon government bodies, combined with a commitment of care and quality to the end user. We are conscious of the need for security, compliance and the safe guarding of personal information. We are a trusted partner and as a Group, Restore works with 80 government departments, 55% of local authorities and over 3,000 schools and universities within the UK.

Restore are also sympathetic to the pressures of Brexit and the impact this might have on government back office workflows, once Brussels has been removed. We have started talking to clients about taking this opportunity to review workflows and paper-lite strategies and determine whether now would be a good time to start implementing them.

Main benefits of the digitilisation of back office workflows

  • Supports the government’s ‘digital by default’ and ‘paper-lite’ strategies.
  • Free up your teams to focus on their core roles.
  • Have access to the data on multiple devices, thereby supporting mobile/home working.
  • Have multiple users accessing a record simultaneously, but with full user history, including viewers not just editors of records.
  • GDPR-compliant, as well as dramatically reducing security risks around paper records (misplacement, deterioration and damage).
  • Information structured and categorised to support decision making and be available in real-time as required.
  • Reduction in hardcopy storage costs and the option for Restore to shred paper when it has reached the end of its life cycle.

Main Services Offered

Record and archive scanningRecord and Archive Scanning

We work with the public sector to help with the back scanning of archives, as well as heritage and historic documents. We understand that your records can impact citizens welfare and need to be accessed quickly and have the file integrity maintained. Our scanning process is accredited to ISO 9001 ensuring quality throughout the scanning process meaning quality images and accurate data capture.

With a large amount of people still relying on physical mail, moving away from what has historically been a highly manual process, pulling inbound mail into an online system, and then accurately disseminating the information to the correct people can massively free up time and reduce costs.

This could be an outsourced project where mail is routed via a PO box directly to Restore, or an onsite solution, which Restore provide the guidance and support to set it up.

Some records need to be held for a long time, scanning these records can help with lowering ongoing storage costs of these records and provide instant access to records when required. For files that need to be sent to The National Archives, we are able to provide TNA preparation services to assist with the 20-year rule.

Accounts payable and receivableAccounts Payable and Receivable

Sending invoices to a PO Box and that arrives directly at Restore’s secure buildings, we fully manage the invoice processing for our clients. Supporting your ultimate ambitions of electronic invoicing, we can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to process invoices, as well as increasing the ease of collating financial reporting data.

Find out how to successfully undertake an agile digital transformation project.

For UK government departments, agencies and other public bodies

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