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Digitising and Managing Files for the Legal Sector

The legal sector was changing, but it was more of a steady, controlled evolution. Driven in part by GDPR, slowly firms were rethinking how they managed data. As we entered 2020 city centre offices were the busy heart of most law firms, and paper case files and manual processes were still prevalent. Driven mainly by the paper bundles needed in court.

But then the COVID-19 lockdown gripped the UK, and suddenly most sectors were forced to rethink their business models to allow them to continue working. 

Remote working

2020 has increased the number of people working from home, that still need access to live case files.

Empty offices

With limited staff in the office, workflows are changing to be automated, and become paper free.

Document automation

Case management systems need support to manage digitised documents affectively, and create, print and post documents from any location.

“Working with Restore made remote working much easier. Our live files were being stored with Restore Records Management, instead of requesting hard copies Restore Digital digitised our active files. By digitising these files, our team can work much more effectively, regardless of location”

- Top UK Legal firm

Working from Home

A global law firm has predicted that as many as 80% of its workforce will remain transient or permanently working from home after the Covid-19 crisis ends, with only around a fifth being full-time office workers.

End of the daily commute

Two of the City's most powerful firms have called an end to the daily commute by allowing staff to permanently split their time between home and the office after the COVID crisis.

114,000 Jobs Automated

Around 114,000 jobs in the legal sector are likely to become automated in the next 20 years as technology transforms the profession.

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How Restore Digital can support the Legal Sector

Live File Scanning

Live file scanning for the legal sector

Live File Scanning for the Legal Sector

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Classification and Categorisation

Classification and Categorisation of services for the legal sector

Classification and Categorisation

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Digital Mailroom for the Legal Sector

Digital mailroom for the legal sector

Digital Mailroom for the Legal Sector

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Live File Scanning Process

Live file scanning process for the legal sector

Live File Scanning Process

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What other services does the Restore Group offer the Legal Sector?

Homeworking Confidential Paper Destruction

Restore DataShred’s homeworking confidential destruction solution

Restore Datashred's Home Shred

For the ability to shred confidential waste from home.

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Office Reconfiguration & Relocation Service

Restore Harrow Green's office reconfiguration and office relocation service

Restore Harrow Green

Providing full office reconfiguration and relocation services.

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