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Document and Data Management Services

Restore Digital is the leading voice and support for organisations on their paper-lite journey, whether through one-off projects, or wholesale digital transformation. Restore Digital not only turns paper into digital records, but with an agile, needs based consultancy division, we transform workflows to create paper-lite, efficient back-office systems.

All our work is underpinned with a focus on security, compliance and auditability – reflected in Restore’s Place of Deposit status. Accredited with, or working to, ISO and BS standards; GDPR; the Data Protection Act 2018 and the NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit, we can support you and help you navigate your responsibilities as data holders

Whether archive or day-forward scanning, Restore has a vast UK wide capacity to provide high volume bulk scanning. We digitise millions of patient records, exam scripts, mortgage deeds and inbound mailroom items (to name but a few) daily for our clients. As well as our high-volume scanners, we have all types of specialist equipment from book scanners, to fiche and film scanners.

Restore offer two main document management database solutions. eView is our in-house cost-effective solution. Alternatively, for more sophisticated workflows and automation requirements we are one of the few Platinum DocuWare resellers within the UK.

Capture all incoming mail, (whether paper, email or even social media), index and extract information and then push it automatically to the correct individuals or teams to action. This can include automatically populating databases, or matching invoices to POs.

Whether insurance claims processing, HR or accounts payable and receivable, Restore can create automated workflows which will increase accuracy, save time and decrease your organisation’s reliance on paper.

Working with organisations to design, implements and capture bulk forms and surveys, including clinical research, to ensure that you not only get the quality of answers you require, but that it is easy to analyse the results. 

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