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Digital Mailrooms

Incoming paper, time consuming manual processes and colleagues pressing print are increasingly becoming drivers for change. New organisations are emerging with innovative business models, driving the need for older business models to become more agile to remain competitive.

There is a growing desire to work in a flexible organisation, which capitalises on the huge benefits of automation and AI. Minimising paper and its electronic equivalent, the flat PDF, is increasingly becoming the focus, as organisations start to think about the data within these four walls and how to make it work harder.

Often organisations are hesitant to drive projects that facilitate this way of working because they worry about organisational buy-in, the cost and old legacy systems that might be preventative.

Restore are dedicated to proving to organisations of all sizes, that this dream is an easy reality to fulfil, and our consultancy team not only create bespoke solutions that are realistic for your organisation, but help you get buy-in to ensure that change is optimistically anticipated.

From this…

Cluttered office

To this…

Paperless office

Mail automation

Restore's mailroom solution provides real, tangible benefits for your organisation. Restore are aware that for you, the mailroom is less about the solution and how we deliver it, but more about the immediate benefit to your organisation, and how it will improve not only the way you work, but the culture around the creation of paper.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
    Respond faster with automated mail classification and routing.
  • Accelerate transactions
    Accelerate revenue streams by making information available and integrated within your internal systems faster.
  • Increase visibility and control
    Gain real time knowledge on information entering your organisation.
  • Reduce operating costs
    Reduce the costs of sorting, organising and manually tagging documents, enabling focus on revenue generating tasks.
  • GDPR compliance
    Meeting the main principles of GDPR are much easier when records and data are digital.



Digital Mailroom benefits - step by step process

Digital Mailroom - Step 1

Digitisation of omni-channel input

  • Paper mail and faxes scanned.
  • Electronic mail arriving at central mailboxes are fed into the Restore 'engine', including any attachments.
  • Automatically pull information from websites, including social media.


Digital Mailroom - Step 2

Visual classification

Visual classification logic will then analyse the form and structure of each document and automatically decide if a document is to be classified as (for example):

  • Contract
  • Letter
  • Invoice
  • Delivery note
  • Customer questionnaire

This automated visual pre-sorting of documents will then make text recognition and data extraction more effective during the next stage.

Content classification

Not every document can be classified by pre-defined visual characteristics, especially if the document is generic or lacking page structure, for example an email or traditional letter. The document may well be a customer complaint or change of address which has a workflow it can be routed through. Therefore, at this stage we would classify by automating the analysis of text for key words and phrases.

OCR unlocks text trapped as a picture within a PDF.

Digital Mailroom - Step 2

Data extraction

Data extraction is a key element of the mailroom process, as it is the start of automation and operational efficiency.

Once classified, being able to extract information such as invoice number, client name, invoice amount, and a PO number, removes a layer of manual intervention. And once extracted this information can automatically be moved into emails, databases etc to  prevent manual re-keying of information.

It can also be automatically compared, for example an invoice could be automatically matched against a PO within a finance system.

This information can be both structured and unstructured, with the unstructured AI helping teach the system to automate manual interventions going forward.

Data validation

If the extraction process flags data as "unclear", Restore manually check this data using an easy user interface, where fields requiring manual verification are highlighted. The validation software is self-learning, so when manual intervention takes place the software learns from the process to limit future manual interventions.

Cognitive capabilities transform the way mailrooms can add value, through the understanding and interpretation of unstructured data, learning from past experiences to improve current tasks, and engaging with humans to improve interaction and experience.

Digital Mailroom - Step 4

Case management

Automated processing of standard, basic tasks and the routing of information into the right workflow or case worker is an essential element of creating a mailroom which adds real value.

  • Based on classification results and pre-defined workflows, a document can automatically be routed to its corresponding business process or team.
  • Organisations can automatically send extracted data to an internal system or database.
  • Standard workflows can be processed, decreasing manual intervention within your organisation. For example, automatically update a CRM system with a change of address notification.

Worried that your internal systems are too outdated to join up with a digital mailroom?

Restore are aware that many organisations still use systems that weren't designed for speed, collaboration or adaptability. Hence, our software transforms processes so that any outdated systems or software you have are interoperable. Our open platform architecture enables these intelligent business processes, integrating with your existing systems.

Find out how to limit excessive paper entering your organisation, whilst simultaneously improving the processing of your inbound and outbound paper systems.

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