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Digital WorkflowsDigital Workflows

Whether insurance claims processing; HR systems or an automated accounts payable and receivable function, Restore looks at individual companies’ workflows and creates a bespoke digital solution that will improve efficiency and reduce your operating costs.

As well as scanning solutions, we also work with organisations to eliminate paper at source, so going forwards there would be no need for future scanning using electronic forms.

We can use software robots (RPA) to automate the transfer and input of data (which would usually be typed in by your teams) into multiple systems, using rule-based programming and self-learning when unstructured, you can get real time analytics with organisation wide insight. Increasingly we are working with clients to harness the benefits of AI.

The benefits of digitalising workflows

  • Accuracy

    Providing accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients at the point of care

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    Securely sharing electronic information with patients and other clinicians

  • Safety

    Helping providers more effectively diagnose patients, reduce medical errors, and provide safer care

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    Save money

    Reducing costs through decreased paperwork,reduced duplication and improved health

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) captures and interprets existing IT systems to enable data manipulation, transaction processing and communication across multiple IT systems. Typically, RPAs are involved in repetitive work which can be prone to human error. By setting up rules around digital data, RPAs can automatically perform these routine business processes.

With more sophisticated robots, Restore are able to learn from unstructured data, and be trained to transform it into structured data, to eliminate exceptions and the need for human assistance.

Within Restore we use RPA and AI to help manage electronic data on an ongoing basis, usually once all archived/legacy paper data has been digitalised. This can assist HR with GDPR compliance, automatically following retention periods; insurance companies processing claims and enhance digital mailroom solutions.

Find out how to limit excessive paper entering your organisation, whilst simultaneously improving the processing of your inbound and outbound paper systems.

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Case Studies

Restore Digital Enfield Council Case Study

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