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Docuware Kinetic Solutions

Preconfigured, cloud-based DocuWare solutions for an uncompromisingly easy entry into office automation.

Productive business processes with DocuWare Kinetic Solutions

Document management and workflow automation no longer require lengthy, difficult planning. DocuWare Kinetic Solutions can be implemented in just days, empowering you to digitise and automate central business processes such as invoice processing and employee management.

DocuWare Kinetic Solutions help replace manual, paper-based and error-prone workflow with fast, adaptable and automated processes that are designed from our expertise launching thousands of successful digitization projects. A single, cloud-based preconfigured package is fast to deploy and fast to deliver value.

Preconfiguration removes the complexity of implementation

Even if business processes run differently in every organisation, they share key requirements and decision points. DocuWare Kinetic Solutions turn these common denominators into smooth digital workflows that you can further adapt to your team's needs.

DocuWare Kinetic Solutions provides the functions and services you need to ensure a smooth, consistent and transparent information flow within your team.

  1. Archive organisation
    Combine scans, office files, email and all other documents into a single secure, searchable electronic file cabinet. Import functions as well as store, search and result list dialogs have already been set up for you.
  2. Document capture
    Capture and index documents quickly without manual data entry, leveraging DocuWare Intelligent Indexing (an AI-based, crowd-learning technology) to automatically capture customisable, predefined data fields.
  3. User profiles and rights
    Protect information by clearly controlling who can access which documents and files in your organisation. Simply assign users the appropriate secure role.
  4. Exception rules
    Provide everyone on your team with the right information at the right time. The necessary process steps, task sequences and escalation levels have been carefully designed by process experts.
  5. Integration
    Connect your DocuWare Kinetic Solution with other applications for an integrated information ecosystem. Just activate the interfaces included and you're ready to go.
  6. Security
    Take advantage of DocuWare Cloud's comprehensive, multi-level security to keep information safe and meet compliance standards.

“DocuWare had the flexibility we craved that allowed us to easily change our workflow and simplify tasks for our employees”.

Justin Fehrman, Chief Financial Officer, Home Run Auto Group

If you are interested in a demo and see how DocuWare Kinetic can help you HR team or Invoice Processing Team, get in touch.