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Provide seamless flow of information between applications, departments and teams through flexible, secure and holistic integration.

DocuWare has integrated with 500 different applications

DocuWare is built to work within your IT ecosystem. With 500 different integrations across email, team portals, CRM, ERP, HR systems, homegrown software and more, our success speaks for itself. DocuWare also integrates with key business hardware like scanners and multifunction devices for effortless conversion of paper to digital.

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Benefit from valuable synergies across every area in your company, from sales and accounting to HR management. Some examples:

CRM: Strengthen customer relationships

When communicating with prospects, partners and customers, every second counts. Ensure efficient access to information directly from Microsoft Dynamics or any other CRM system, in full compliance with data protection guidelines.

ERP: Accelerate financial processes

Transfer invoice processing data to Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP systems and manage accounting documents within the same financial data environment.

HR software: Fully digitise all HR processes

Combine your tools for HR management, payroll, and other HR-related areas with digital employee records, forms and workflows to transform HR into a flexible, modern and service-oriented team.

Microsoft Outlook: Securely archive and index email

Integrate email into business processes, fulfill email compliance requirements, and ensure information contained in email messages is accessible to all team members.

Team portals: Provide information efficiently

Expand the capability of team portals such as SharePoint using secure document management solutions or add content from DocuWare to your intranet for one-stop knowledge finding.

Flexible integration methods

Smart Connect

Access archived documents from any program with one click. An easy to configure button makes it possible.


Embed URL links to DocuWare elements like documents, lists or search dialogs in any application.

Connect-to modules

Use Connect-to-Modules for a seamless integration with corporate applications like SAP, Outlook, SharePoint or with your MFPs from Toshiba, Ricoh, Sharp, OKI and Xerox.

Platform Service

Use the REST-based gateway to DocuWare and integrate via XML or JSON. (For example, reveal DocuWare file cabinets in the interface of a third-party application.)


Reuse existing categorization criteria and search words in your IT system for automatic indexing of your documents.

DocuWare Printer

Print documents from any program directly into your digital archive, including automatic indexing from your document's content.


Ensure secure and fast information regardless of what program you use to create, receive and process content. DocuWare supports numerous integration methods and technologies to connect systems — and it makes no difference whether these methods are deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

"DocuWare has given us peace of mind regarding the management and security of our electronic documents, alerts, and reports. Additionally, we are very happy with the integration between DocuWare and our internal systems, which allows us to quickly and easily share documents without duplicating information”.

Daniel Arzamendia Operations and Systems Manager, BACS Argentina