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eView is Restore’s in-house document management system. Secure, with development, support and back up data centres all based in Manchester, our customers are increasingly turning to eView as a cost-effective way to manage their electronic records.

EvieweView’s mission is to help organisations take control of their data and effectively and efficiently manage it, and most importantly use it.

Starting as a simple viewing database for organisations who had scanned their archived documents, eView has evolved into a tool for facilitating workflow automation in an effective and cost-effective way.

eView’s search function quickly locates related documents, and with control and permission settings you can easily define who can access what information. These permissions can also be added to documents themselves, so you can adhere to complex retention rules, as eView will automatically move documents to recycle bins for sign off, based on the rules you create.

On top of this, eView has a full audit trail of activity, log-in details, and even log-in and access attempts. So, should you require it, everything you need will be easily at hand in a report.

Our in-house development team are constantly updating eView and bringing out new modules to reflect the evolving data needs of the organisations we work with, including a recent GDPR module to give our users the confidence that their data is compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

Eview AuditWe have also created bespoke add on packages for some of our clients, which expands eView, pulling information out of PDFs and pushing them into different workflows like Accounts Payable or Claims Handling, to increase the automation of eView, and decrease the administrative burden.

This has been particularly useful for organisations outsourcing their mailroom and making it a digital process. Not only does it remove all incoming correspondence from the organisation into Restore to digitalise, or if email, to collate into eView, it can then be pushed not only to the correct individuals but through an automated workflow or into a separate external customer database.

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As eView is a full owned and developed Restore product, it allows the flexibility to tailor and amend it to meet individual needs.

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