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Case Studies

Agria Pet Insurance Case Study

Outsourced email and physical mailroom items, with a Digital Mailroom

Sector: Insurance

Founded in Sweden over 125 years ago, Agria came to the UK in 2009 and is now a prominent feature of the UK pet insurance industry, providing insurance for cats and dogs. Agria offers a unique choice of cover and optional benefits tailored to customers' pets, lifestyle, and budget.


Since 2018 Restore Digital have partnered with Agria to provide a simple digital mailroom service. Restore Digital receive physical mailroom items and inbound emails, categorise them, digitise and capture key data from these items.

Using our secure online viewing portal, eView, we are able to supply both scanned PDF and data directly into Agria’s internal system to allow onward claims handling whilst Restore securely store the image data. On launch this simple mailroom service radically improved the daily claims management process for Agria. However, over time they discovered new pain points internally relating to post delivery of the daily post and emails, particularly around the handling of rejected claims.

Project Innovation

Discussion around transformation started at the end of 2019 but was then halted due to the complexities of COVID.

Restore are working with Agria to expand the integration from Restore’s internal mailroom engine into Agria’s internal systems to enhance the search parameters for matching incoming claims to customers. In turn, decreasing the exception handling process required.

We are enhancing Agria’s mailroom solution so that multiple claims on email can be easily managed and processed individually. An enhanced automated workflow is being developed to manage rejections. This double gated automated approach to managing rejections should decrease the volumes that ultimately requires someone at Agria to manual review before formally rejecting as Agria should only be reviewing genuinely rejected claims.

Automating the capture of key details reduces the manual keying time so reducing the overall processing time and costs.

Ongoing Account Management

As well as providing daily MI for the Agria Team, their Restore Account Manager attends monthly review project meetings looking at:

  • Quarterly reviews of key areas around volumes and processing times
  • Continuous review of exceptions Restore cannot deal with to identify areas of improvement to seek to reduce the workload on Agria
  • Average processing times to ensure the operation is as efficient as possible where training or technology could benefit
  • Throughout the COVID pandemic, weekly meetings took place with Agria to monitor and check the BAU service through this difficult time.

With Restore we feel like we have a true partner. They have taken the mailroom at the pace our organisation needed and have supported us when we felt ready to innovate. Even the simple mailroom initially provided innovated the daily claims management process for Agria. But with true automation, enhanced exception management and more integrated systems between the two organisations, we have a truly digital mailroom

Helen Finnie | Change and Implementation Manager

Key Facts

  • 8,000 emails a month – Increased from less than 1,000 before the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2,000 Hard copy post items – Down from 5,000 during the COVID-19 pandemic

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