Case Study

Case Study

Burton Varley Accountancy

Another Step in the Accountancy’s Digital Transformation Journey

Sector: Financial Services

A well-established accountancy practice serving over 1000 clients, ranging from small to medium-sized businesses. Their comprehensive service offerings include self-assessments, annual account returns, payroll processing, and valuable business advice. However, as their client base grew, so did their challenges, particularly in managing a large volume of physical mail and ensuring the security of client data.

The journey of Burton Varley Accountancy through the stages of digital transformation highlights the significant advantages of embracing technology to overcome traditional operational challenges.  

Burton Varley take pride in being a digital-first accountancy firm. Digitising mail is another piece in the puzzle to support their existing cloud-based operations and to ensure a great customer experience. 

Their experience highlights the importance of efficiency, security, and improved customer service in the modern accountancy landscape. For accountancy practices looking to enhance their operations and client services, a digital mailroom solution offers a compelling path toward transformation and growth. 

Choosing the right partner to support a digital-first strategy 

Restore Digital is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for businesses of all sizes. We help our clients to automate their workflows, improve their efficiency, and reduce their costs. Our digital mailroom solution is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to digitise, store, and manage their physical mail. 

Mail Overload and Security Concerns 

Burton Varley found themselves grappling with two significant challenges: 

Mail Overload: The accountancy firm was inundated with a constant stream of post from clients and government entities like HMRC. This surge in physical mail was not only overwhelming but also challenging to organize efficiently. 

Data Security Concerns: With the increasing volume of client data being sent via physical mail, there were mounting concerns about data security and privacy. Ensuring that sensitive financial information remained protected became a top priority. 

Three Transformative Solutions 

Recognising the need for a transformative solution, Burton Varley reached out to us and went on to make a strategic decision to implement a Digital Mailroom Solution. Our team worked with Burton Varley and decided our straight-forward mail management solution, SimplyMail would be the right solution to support their digitisation goals.   

SimplyMail encompasses the following key elements: 

1. Scanning and Digitisation: All incoming mail was systematically scanned and converted into digital format, making it accessible electronically, via the cloud-based customer portal.  

2. Remote Access: The digital mailroom solution provided the flexibility for authorised users to access mail from anywhere, using any device with an internet connection. 

3. Data Control: Robust permissions and access controls were implemented, ensuring that only authorised personnel could access sensitive client data, thus bolstering data security. 

From Paper to Pixels 

Since the implementation of the digital mailroom solution, Burton Varley Accountancy has experienced a multitude of benefits: 

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The firm now more efficiently manages their inbound mail processing – which is up to 100 items per day, saving valuable time and resources. 
  • Improved Security: The digital transformation addressed their security concerns, fortifying the protection of client data and compliance with data privacy regulations. 
  • Paper Reduction: The move to digital mail significantly reduced paper consumption, aligning with environmental sustainability goals. 
  • Elevated Customer Service: Clients now enjoy a more convenient and efficient means of communication with Burton Varley, elevating overall customer service. 

We found through moving to a Digital Mailroom, it reduces the time spent not just sorting incoming mail, but also having to get that collected and shredded. This frees up our time to focus on delivering a great service to our clients.  Having this managed for us also relieved the worry of handling personal information and enables us to have a full audit trail.

Louise Goss | Office Manager | Burton Varley Accountancy

Key Facts

  • Up to 100 items per day
  • Full Audit Trail
  • SimplyMail – Straightforward Digital Mailroom

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