The Environmental Impact of Paper

Paper production is one of the processes that contributes to the deforestation of our planet, and in turn accelerates man-made climate change. The plight of our planet is significant, and as a company Restore work hard to minimise our and our customers impact on the planet. This is through a formal ESG strategy, with clear and measurable KPIs, but also our services: Restore Digital working hard to minimise paper processes and Restore Datashred and its commitment to all shredded paper going to paper mills for recycling.

Global annual production of paper and cardboard

 “420,000,000 tons Global annual production of paper and cardboard.”

420 million tons of paper corresponds to two pieces of paper for everyone on Earth every single hour. Not really a paperless society yet. Demand for paper is expected to double between 2005 and 2030.”

This World Counts

How does paper production affect the environment

Cutting down trees to make forest products such as pulp and paper creates temporary or long-term environmental disturbances in forest habitats depending on how carefully the harvest is carried out. There might be impacts on plant and animal biodiversity, soil fertility and water quality. However, sustainable forest management practices are a way of using and caring for forests so as to maintain their environmental, social and economic values and benefits over time.


Reducing paper usage for some organisations with legacy platforms can be complex

Automating processes, Digital Workflows, Robotic Processing Automation and AI may help. Find out more.

Digital Workflows and AI
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