Why Do the NHS and Private Healthcare Providers Pick Restore Digital?

Restore Digital is trusted by over 40 NHS Trusts

Restore Digital's bulk medical document scanning & records management specialisms are the reason we're trusted by so many in the healthcare sector

The experts at Restore Digital understand the challenges faced by NHS Trusts, General Practices (GPs), Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and private practices, and have developed processes and techniques to help these healthcare organisations overcome their challenges.

Our national network of specialist scanning facilities consists of the latest in document digitisation technology coupled with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. We offer everything from a comprehensive bulk medical records scanning service to more bespoke solutions which incorporate our scan-on-demand service. This enables us to provide a more flexible service that includes rapid access to your most important documents and records.

Why healthcare service providers invest in Restore Digital’s digitisation services


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Over 40 years supporting the healthcare sector

Delivering a digital transformation programme in the healthcare sector has its own set of challenges. The healthcare specialists at Restore Digital understand these challenges. The sector strives towards going paperless whilst at the same time creating more and more documentation. Safe, secure storage of your records and pinpoint precision when scanning is, at times, a matter of life and death. You need to use a digitisation partner with a clear understanding of your needs. Additionally, managing quick access to records remains paramount within the sector which is why Restore Digital has invested heavily in its Scan-on-Demand capabilities to meet these demands.

Our dedicated experts have helped multiple healthcare organisations meet their digitisation goals, by improving efficiency and patient care through our cost-effective and comprehensive solutions. Take a look at some of the organisations we have worked with to deliver their digitisation and medical record scanning projects.

Take a look at some of the organisations we have worked with to deliver their digitisation and medical record scanning projects.

Improving patient data sharing and operational efficiency

The solution has enabled better sharing of clinical data for the Trust, allowing doctors to collaborate and work remotely on patient diagnoses. Operational efficiency has been increased, with clinical staff spending less time on admin and subsequent episodes of care scanned and linked to the main record.

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Medical Record Scanning is just one part of our comprehensive digitisation service

The experts at Restore Digital are passionate about providing a complete digital transformation service to the healthcare sector.

We’re not simply limited to bulk record scanning or scan on-demand services, we can provide a fully comprehensive and integrated service which helps further refine your processes and think about digitisation differently.

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