Day Forward Scanning & Long-Term Storage

Flexibility over your scanning and storage

Day Forward Scanning is perfect as a cost effective and flexible solution for high volumes of files

Scanning to your timetable

This process allows us to scan and digitise your documents as soon as we receive them. With day forward scanning, you can enter your archives into long-term storage and select a date to begin initial scanning. This means you can align your scanning with certain events or periods of the month.

Day Forward Scanning Benefits

Quick and effective

Documents are scanned as they are produced, eliminating the issue of backlogs removing the need for storage space. All documents are stored in one easy to use system. Saves employees time in searching and locating physical documents.

Chain of Custody

We work with our Records Management business when providing our day forward scanning service. A complete chain of custody for your records, with integrated tracking systems and aligned data processing agreements to ensure security at all times.

Flexibility of Frequency

Organisations can choose to have files sent over as frequently as needed based on the amount of documents they have and budget. This means scanned items can be sent on a weekly or monthly basis depending on customer needs.

Documents uploaded directly to your internal systems

Restore Digital can upload directly into your internal systems. Our day forward scanning service can input scanned documents into your internal systems automatically. This removes the need for manual data entry, saving you time and allowing us to return your important documents to you more quickly.

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Prioritisation options

Every document produced from your service launch date is scanned straight to our digital system. Any other documents in long-term storage can be organised and prioritised so that you receive the documents you need the most.

Frees up storage space

We’ll handle your long-term storage and then safely dispose of any physical documents after upload.

Improved security

Eliminates the issues of lost or damaged files. Digital systems have authorised personnel access only.

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Day Forward Scanning FAQs

Day forward scanning is the process of scanning and digitising documents as they are received. After they’ve been scanned, they are then destroyed. This process involves setting a desired day and once that date is hit, all documents from then onwards are scanned straight to a digital system.

One of the biggest benefits is that you can choose when to go live with the day forward scanning process. You never have to worry about physical documents building up, as we scan and upload them as soon as they are received. We also take care of your excess files by placing them into storage.

Your documents are processed and scanned as soon as we receive them from the selected date you set. Then the documents are transferred onto the digital systems and platforms.

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