Non-Destructive Book Scanning

Preserve the fragility of books

Our Non-Destructive Book Scanning Services are perfect for historical preservation projects

High quality digital scans without compromising integrity

Our non destructive book scanning process involves using the latest technology to scan all pages of the book, including the cover. We use special preparation to determine the scanning process suitable for each book.

How we support you

Fragile and delicate speciality

Our trained teams can work on fragile collections, and where appropriate will wear specially designed gloves to protect delicate documents.

High quality

Our non destructive book scanning software allows for auto crop and deskew, and automatic book fold correction. All our book scanners have monitors, allowing initial quality control checks on all images produced.

Embeded Data

During the image capture process, we incorporate data into the file names that allows for easy identification. For example, each file will be named after the corresponding volume, chapter, and page number.

Latest technology and aftercare

Once we’ve finished our non destructive book scanning, the books are either returned in the condition we received them, or can be placed into long term storage.

Specialised book scanners

Our book scanners have a glass plate that allows for perfect scans in flat mode. The scanners also include a motorised book cradle that enables optimal scanning while protecting the binding and integrity of each book. Our book scanners are also super quick, taking less than three seconds per scan.

Storage options

Our sister company, Restore Records Management offer an innovative heritage storage scheme for galleries, museums and organisations that meets the highest conservation standards as laid down in EN1689:2018 and BS4971:2017. Collections are housed in converted ex-Cold War hardened aircraft shelters, providing optimum protection from flooding, fire, damp, and pests.

Wide coverage

Support across the UK for scanning of historical books, periodicals, magazines, publications and more

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Non Destructive Book Scanning FAQs

Non destructive book scanning is ideal for fragile, old or one-off books that you want to preserve the condition of. These could be historical books dating back hundreds of years or any special or limited edition books you want to read or produce copies of without opening and closing them multiple times.

The most notable benefit of non destructive book scanning is that you receive your book back in the condition we received it. The scanning process uses the most delicate methods to ensure no destruction or damage is done to your book. A high quality scan is produced of each page, which means that you can continue to own your rare or delicate books without having to damage them by manually reading them.

When you opt for speciality book scanning with Restore Digital, we will assess if our non destructive book scanning service is right for your collection. Non destructive book scanning time factors will include the type of book or periodical, the current state and the quality of the required files

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