Delicate & Fragile Document Scanning

Preserve your precious data

Our scanning old documents service helps preserve the contents of fragile documents with high quality digitised images

Essential Preparation

Some records like historical records and handwritten documents can be fragile, old, and delicate. Our scanning old documents service helps preserve the contents of fragile documents with high quality digitised images. It is essential that an enhanced preparation process is followed to maximise the quality of these digitised images

Benefits of Delicate & Fragile Document Scanning

Condition Checks

We make sure the original pages are in good state as it's crucial for our scanning of old documents service to be most effective

Separated and Indexed

Pages are separated appropriately for indexing prior to scanning.

Care and Attention

Depending on the state of the files, we prepare the documents by removing stables and other bindings

Vital for Delicate Scanning

At the assessment stage, we examine each document to determine the quality of the paper contents. This allows us to judge how we scan it, and on which scanner. We have a wide range of scanners and experience in handling documents of all types and conditions, from scanning old newspapers to historical book scanning.

Retaining Your Insight

We then check for any obscuring items or data such as Post-it Notes. If found, we transfer these onto a blank space on a page or add an additional blank page for scanning.

Focused Scanning Technology

Where document sheets are too fragile to go through our high-volume scanners, a book scanner will be used to preserve the original and maximise image quality.


Our dedicated prep team will make basic repairs where possible with invisible tape and unfold any corners. We also make sure to identify the best edge for leading into a high-volume scanner.

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Fragile Document Scanning FAQs

As long as the documents are not too damaged, we can scan any type of fragile document. This includes things like old art and historical book scanning, scanning handwritten documents, scanning old newspapers and much more.

Fragile document scanning can vary in the length of time to scan depending on factors such as the condition of the documents, number of documents, size, etc. When you get in touch with Restore Digital for a quote, a member of the team will talk you through the scanning process and what to expect.

Our scanning old documents service helps to protect the condition of old and valuable books and documents. By scanning them and digitising the contents, the original integrity of the document is preserved by handling it less. Scanning old or damaged records can also enhance the contents and make aged or hard-to-read documents clearer.

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