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RLBUHT Case Study

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Medical Records Digitisation Project: The Challenge

The Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust (RLBUHT) manage over 1,000 requests for medical records per day. The Trust are moving to a new purpose-built hospital that has been designed around a paperless environment.

This was a major driver to go digital. Another element was that the process of managing physical files around the hospitals was extremely time consuming and costly for the Trust. They set out to create efficiencies in the process, free up space and save costs across the management of these records. This would allow more time to focus on front line patient care.

They understood the value of going digital and embarked on a procurement process to find a partner who could assist them with this digital transformation.

The Requirements

RLBUHT required a document scanning solution to digitise and index over 100 million pages of active medical records and to provide an electronic format for import into the Trust's EDMS.

The project would incorporate both scanning of archive ‘live’ files and ongoing / day forward notes. The bulk of the archive was to be undertaken within a 2-year period with the majority of records being scanned within the first 12 months.

They required the files to be scanned in close proximity to their location by an experienced provider who possessed the correct governance process to handle precious medical records.

The Solution

Restore Digital were chosen as the provider for scanning solutions and were effectively awarded a prestigious 5-year contract. Fully responsible for the management of the full end-to-end process; from file preparation and scanning to confidential and secure destruction of records.

In late 2015 Restore Digital set up a purpose built scanning bureau close to the RLBUHT to process over 160,000 images per day for the Trust.

A dedicated team including a Project Manager and Operations Manager and several Shift Managers / Supervisors were put in place during the implementation phase to provide full support to the RLBUHT in ensuring the project ran smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Due to the nature of the files, RLBUHT were confident that their records were in safe hands with Restore Digital who possess the IG Toolkit compliance and ISO27001 accreditation. Early in the project, prior to go-live, the Trust collaborated with Restore to produce an end to end certification for the entire process under BS10008 standards.

There are approximately 1,000 records required by the Trust daily, to be available for clinicians when patients arrive for appointments. These are retrieved from the records library and transferred to the scanning bureau up to 7 days prior to the clinic.

The files are then prepared, scanned and categorised by a trained team of operators. The images and meta-data are then transferred to the Trust for upload into their EDRM solution.

During go-live in Mid-October 2016, the project was exceeding the required volumes by over 50,000 images per day. By the end of 2016, the project had delivered over 10 million images scanned. The expectancy is that volumes will continue to rise as the scanning staff who received intensive training across equipment and processing rules specific to the Trust become increasingly familiar with the overall process.


  • Decrease in time required to administer patient records
  • Reduction in record holdings
  • Paper free environment at the new hospital
  • More patient facing time for clinicians resulting from the ability to locate patient information
  • Reduced likelihood of lost or misfiled records
  • Improved presentation of records in uniform standard enabling easier navigation
  • Instant access to records instead of lengthy request processes and physical transfer of file to required location
  • More secure and resilient records due to digitisation in an access controlled and audited environment as opposed to shelf storage

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Business Sector
Public Authority: NHS Trust

The Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust (RLBUHT)


One of the busiest university teaching hospital trusts in the North West, managing three hospitals based across two sites in the heart of Liverpool city: The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool University Dental Hospital and Broadgreen Hospital. The hospitals have often been at the forefront of medical breakthroughs during their long history, and now encompass the brand new state of the art Royal Liverpool University Hospital building opening in 2018.

Original Business Drivers

  • Achieving the paperless environment vision
  • Decreasing time required to administer patient records
  • Instant, secure access to medical records
  • Reduced likelihood of lost or misfiled records

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