NHS, AI & Digitisation – 2024 Budget

The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has announced £3.4 billion of new investment in NHS digitisation in the Spring Budget

This part of the NHS funding announcement aims to update "outdated" systems. Mr. Hunt says key to this will be the digitisation of patient's medical records, integrated with the use of AI to reduce the need for form filling. Alongside this, digitising day to day tasks such as operating theatre processes and MRI & CT scans will improve access for doctors and consultants. We’ve always believed the NHS should “go digital faster” and this additional funding furthers that push.

Electronic patient records – Digital Notes

With medical records and digital notes, Restore Digital’s capabilities have already been used by 85% of NHS organisations. We’ve digitised over 22 million records in the NHS with years of experience, and a trusted level of quality in delivering projects. Our Lloyd George notes scanning service has always helped reduce the risk of loss, damage, or unauthorised access to GP records, repurpose space for clinical use space in practices and save valuable time and money associated with accessing patient information. It’s a first step in digitisation and the digital transformation journey.

Maternity safety, highlighted in the full budget statement, is undoubtedly linked with the increased digitisation of maternity notes.

And we’re experienced in the full medical record lifecycle from paper based to electronic patient records.

"As a result of this funding, all hospitals will use electronic patient records, making the NHS the largest digitally integrated healthcare system in the world"

Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer

NHS Efficiency Gains

Jeremy Hunt cited a clear need to invest in technology in the NHS – with 13 million lost hours regained by Doctors and Nurses through improvements in technology. It’s clear that better patient outcomes should be considered as part of these efficiency gains. These are made possible by high quality digitisation coupled with quality assured conversion of patient / medical records. We deliver market leading electronic document management solutions to the NHS, including the capability to provide high volume record capture and searching from an intuitive EDRMS platform, as well as integrations with existing leading clinical systems. Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) and Patient Recorded Experience Measures (PREMS) support the use of metrics to aid performance improvement whether online or offline capture.

And we integrate not just at the front lines, HR, Finance, Estates and Procurement are just some of the back processes that we help digitise.

"With that new investment, we will slash the 13 million hours lost by doctors and nurses every year to outdated IT systems"

Modernising IT Systems in the NHS

Our bread and butter is looking at the integration of systems where digitisation is an integral part of the process. With the NHS, we’ve decades of experience. The core NHS team at Restore Digital have over 100 years combined.

AI & Digitisation

For the NHS, digitisation leads to becoming one of the most digitally enabled, productive healthcare systems in the world.

The government’s budget statement highlights how highly digitised ICSs have 27% lower A&E wait times and 14% lower referral to treatment times.

Our scanning, digitisation, digital workflows & AI services have proven track records in driving transformation in the community, acute, mental health settings.

EDMonline™ is our secure document management solution

From Healthcare to the Financial Services sectors, EDMonline™ can transform document management for your business too. We understand the regulatory landscape of multiple sectors, helping you achieve a digital transformation that not only drives your organisation forward, but maintains patient safety too.

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