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The NHS is continuously facing challenges, whether it be a shortage of funds, an aging population or changes in regulation.

Paperless 2020 is a key driver to helping the NHS transform health and social care. It is a commitment by the healthcare system and the government to use information and technology and make sure patients have a digital experience by 2020.

Key benefits of developing paper-lite workflows

  • Improved patient experience and care with more timely access to information and online portals such as booking systems.
  • Reduction in records management administration at the hospital.
  • Have multiple users accessing a record simultaneously, but with full user history, including viewers, not just editors of records.
  • GDPR compliant, as well as dramatically reducing security risks surrounding paper records (misplacement, deterioration and damage).
  • Information structured and categorised to support decision making and be available in real-time as required.
  • Reduction in hardcopy storage costs and the option for Restore to shred paper when it has reached the end of its life cycle.

Main Services Offered

Medical records scanningMedical Records Scanning

We have scanned millions of paper files for NHS Trusts so far. These have ranged from large acute trust digitalisation projects with challenging full medical record scanning, to smaller project-based assignments such as A&E cards and maternity records.

Digital mailroomDigital Mailroom

Many trusts are now moving to electronic working, however, there is still a lot of mail being processed within hospitals such as referral letters and results. Moving away from what has historically been a highly manual process, digitalising inbound mail into an online system or workflow solution, to accurately disseminating the information to the correct people can massively free up time and reduce costs within the hospital.

Document managementDocument Management

Working with your Local Digital Roadmaps’ short, medium or long-term aims we can capture meaningful data for your scanned documents, such as NHS number, date of birth and full name, allowing ease of locating and fast access to information. This can be integrated into your current ERP, EDRM or PAS system.

Risk Mitigation - Key Elements

With all our NHS clients we ensure all key risks are minimised, so you can be confident of project success:

  • Data security
  • Data quality
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Compliance to legislation
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

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Restore Digital Enfield Council Case Study

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