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10 Top tips to successfully working from home

Working remotely is no longer a luxury for the few, but a culture shift and a necessity in the modern age. To be a success working from home requires a change in behaviour and the adoption of certain tools.

Follow our top 10 tips on how not to become your own worst distraction and how to thrive whilst remote working.


#10 Top tips to work successfully


1. Create a morning routine

This will be personal to you. Make a routine that you can follow that will get you into your desk and working at the correct time each day. This could be exercising first or making a cup of coffee before sitting down.


2. Maintain strict work hours

Set yourself clear guidelines to your working hours and stick to them. You must maintain a healthy work-life balance.


3. Socialise with colleagues

Use social tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, or WhatsApp to keep in regular contact with colleagues to avoid disconnect and loneliness.


4. Be involved in meetings

Make sure you attend meetings, companies will be using video conferencing software such as Skype for Business, Zoom or GoToMeeting to hold meetings, make sure you attend and are heard, even if it is just to say hello and goodbye.


5. Take breaks

Set out time to take your breaks, stick to them and don't cut them short. Resting is crucial to productivity.


6. Overcommunicate

Make sure colleagues who need to know are fully aware of your schedule and availability. Overcommunicating doesn't mean spending a long time writing essays on your availability, instead, sharing calendars and quick updates regularly are essential.


7. Avoid distractions

Yes we are talking about social media as public enemy number #1. Unless social media is a part of your business avoid using it. Keep instant messaging dedicated solely colleague communication, a good tip here is to mute other conversations for 8 hours, alternatively, find a different messaging app that is not used by colleagues for social purposes and have that dedicated to work colleague comms.


8. Make business files available to colleagues

Use a document management system that allows colleagues to access files from home or in the office securely. We would recommend systems with full audit tracking, high security and where possible automated workflows, this will speed up work processes. Our prime recommendation in this regard is DocuWare.


9. Ask for what you need

If you are employed speak with your employers and the IT team, request equipment or tools that you need to get working from home. If it is beneficial to your productivity there is a provision to ask. Many companies will already have budgets to pay for remote employees and welcome suggestions of tools that will assist productivity.


10. End your day at a definitive time

Make sure you finish at a specified time each day. Maintaining a good work-life balance is important. Try ending each day with a sign off to colleagues via your preferred messaging tool.


Do you or your team have the tools to work remotely and securely access documents? 

Facing shifting circumstances and culture to working, we are faced with the need for easier access to files, records and documents remotely, and securely. Many businesses also require physical post entering their business which becomes an issue for remote workers. All you need is a digital mailroom and a secure document management system. Restore Digital can advise you on both.


Speak to the team to discuss 


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