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Digitalisation of the NHS: what are the barriers to success?

We work with many NHS Trusts to deliver solutions that help them towards Paperless 2020, but more importantly improves patient care and supports clinicians. However, to do this we have to be acutely aware of the barriers and difficulties that can hinder a project, so that we can work in partnership with the NHS to create a successful solution that brings real benefits to all involved.

  • A big barrier is that the spotlight is firmly upon the NHS' deficit and perceived performance, and that capital earmarked for long-term projects like Paperless 2020 are switched to support day-to-day problems, rather than investing in the future.
  • The funding for projects like Paperless 2020 are unclear and subject to change. Any new money appears to be heavily weighted to the end of the parliamentary period, so a lot of Trusts are having to create back up plans if funding doesn't come through. If the government is serious about achieving Paperless 2020, it needs to be serious and transparent about where the money is coming from to pay for it.
  • Past teething problems with ambitious digital systems have attracted a lot of negative press, and puts NHS Trusts off embarking on such projects, even when it's for the long-term interests of the Trust. Leaders need more support and recognition from their seniors that change of this nature can be complex and difficult, and create sensible targets, KPIs and a large amount of tolerance and empathy so Trusts don't feel that they can't achieve.
  • To be aware that internet and digital capability across the UK is high, digital exclusion is still a real problem for some people.
  • Any technology partner the NHS works with must put the needs of clinicians and patients first. If you don't do this you'll end up with clunky systems or too much information, too many alerts or the wrong information being sent to clinicians that they end up not using the system.
  • Clearly define what good looks like for your individual Trust - otherwise you will struggle to innovate success.

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