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The Future of HR

HR teams have been supporting and transforming organisations for years. From its initial days of record keeper, the HR Team has developed and grown, and in recent years been a group of talent experts, recruiting the right people, and retaining and developing essential staff.

Now the HR Team is on the cusp of change again, as digital transformation becomes key. This will be one of the biggest changes to the HR Team in many years, altering not only the way HR works but the roles and responsibilities of the individual team members. This can seem daunting, with digitalisation feeling like the responsibility of IT and something that could be forced upon a team and change its very make-up. However, digitalisation can be very much led by a HR Team themselves, and once in control the changes seem less scary, and more a roadmap of transformation and reskilling over time.

Increasingly interacting digitally is the norm. Whereas internet shopping has been popular for many years now, we are also expecting to digitally interact and control our heating and lights and manage our bank accounts through the internet and Apps.

As we enter 2020 almost 50% of the worldwide workforce will be individuals that grew up in the digital era. This means that the way this workforce search for jobs; expect to receive information while at work and how they are kept engaged and motivated has changed.

The main questions HR Teams need to ask themselves are:

  • How do we facilitate a digital workforce?
  • How do we facilitate a digital workplace?
  • How do we create a digital HR function?


How to approach a HR Strategy

  1. Define your present state, your business as usual, and do a gap analysis on how this could be improved. Be benefit driven rather than tactically driven.
  2. Decide if there are any mini experiments you can undertake to define exactly what you want to achieve, reach out to suppliers etc to understand your possibilities, utilise demos where appropriate.
  3. Formalise your strategy and make it relevant for the business to gain key senior support.
  4. Collaborate wider and create roadmaps of your journey, involve the wider organisation as appropriate.
  5. Create a digital transformation team to guide the strategy and roadmap implementation.
  6. Remember to innovate and adapt as you implement your roadmap, and understand digital transformation is a constant journey without a static destination.


How to make the Strategy Successful

Ownership of HR the digital strategy

HR need to understand the technology available and be confident in liaising with IT regularly to ensure you are leading the creation, implementation and maintenance of any technology that is applied. To decide on what this technology should be, map out the ways your employees interact with the business and brainstorm how technology can improve and support this experience.

Think beyond efficiency and effectiveness

How can you attract, retain and develop the right people? This is often a good starting point for a HR strategy, which in turn can have knock on effects to other aspects of the strategy.

Build agility into your strategy

Often this translates to being in the cloud so you can update easily to the latest versions of systems; reconfigure quickly or even simply switch technologies.

Align digital strategy with business goals

Link your strategy clearly to the shortdeve and long-term objectives of your business, to ensure essential support.


What a High-Level Strategy might look like



How will the Strategy impact my Team and their roles

The roles within HR are likely to shift and become less administrative and more strategic. Mapping this change along with your roadmap means you can upskill where necessarily or reshape in a controlled manner, led by the HR Manager.

There will be new, more specific, specialist responsibilities especially in larger HR teams and they may include:

  • Employer branding
  • Recruitment
  • Talent acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Culture
  • Engagement
  • Learning and development
  • HR automation
  • Employee advocacy
  • HR analytics

This in turn may result in new job roles developing across the team over time, such as:

  • HR architect – linking HR strategy to business strategy
  • HR service centre – supporting administrative self-service systems
  • HR data analyst
  • HR service centre champion
  • Reward specialists
  • Talent champion
  • Recruitment wizard
  • Community facilitator
  • Online learning designer
  • HR scrum master: agile change agent
  • Performance consultant
  • HR change manager 



Restore have a consultancy team which can help you plan your strategy if needed. Often this can just be a one-day discovery session to facilitate the right questions and answers to help you scope an effective strategy.

We can also arrange a free demo of DocuWare either in person or through WebEx.

DocuWare can be a good starting point for a HR team as it can simply process HR efficiencies in just days. With out-of-the-box solutions for digitising, centralising and organising employees’ HR documents – DocuWare is a secure, searchable document repository.

Starting simple with a central, secure home for each employee’s documents, appeals to many HR teams. And the benefits of DocuWare is that when you’re ready, you can start introducing automated workflows and approval chains.

Bring together - resumés, tax forms, certifications, reviews, succession plans and more into a secure, searchable repository. Ditch the paper and the messy hard shared drives.

When you’re ready - use those documents in key workflows between you managers and employees.


Create job postings, manage the influx of resumés, and use workflow to aggregate feedback from internal stakeholders.

Talent Pool

Build a centralised pool of qualified applicants for current and future openings. Search across resumés, and use workflow to aggregate feedback from nternal stakeholders


Give employees the best possible start by minimising busywork and ensuring laptops and other equipment is ready to go on day one.

Performance Reviews

Monitor each employee’s performance, provide early assessments and conduct interviews in a structured manner

Time-off management

Give employees the power to request vacation time, personnel time or medical leave - and track all of it from one location.

Legal compliance

Keep confidential information safe with access rights and retention policies to comply with HIPAA, GDPR and other legal requirements


Manage certification applications and renewal reminders for al employees, including trainees.

Employee separation

Automating this process with explicit tasks to ensurenothing is missed and the exit process is complete accurately.


One of the main benefits of DocuWare is that it suits organisations of all sizes, with flexibility, easily added modules and pricing that increases gradually as your usage of the system grows.

  • EASY CLOUD MODEL: Simple subscription pricing with no gotchas – every feature is unlocked on day one.
  • OUTLOOK READY: Runs happily alongside Microsoft Outlook for easy access right from your email.
  • SOLO OR TOGETHER: Integrate with other apps or run the solution as standalone.
  • YOUR PACE: Start small (just get rid of paper!) – then extend when you’re ready.


Cloud-based, pre-configured and ready when you are

DocuWare’s solution for employee management is available as a cloud-based preconfigured solution that sets up everything for you out of the box, including:

  • Document archiving and searching.
  • Automatic data indexing when scanning or importing documents.
  • User profiles and access rights for mindful security and employee privacy.
  • Workflows and exception rules for effortless movement of information.


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